Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wow!  Now that Facebook has come about, this blog has become slightly obsolete :(  Maybe it was just the frustrations that I encountered in trying to keep it up.  Whatever the reason, since I enjoy looking at other peoples blogs, I am going to assume that some people enjoy looking at mine. will try this whole blogging thing again.
What is new in the Epps household?? is the same thing that has been for the last....4 MONTHS..Baseball!  Joshua was chosen to participate in the UCA All-Stars and Charley was asked to be an assistant coach. 
They lost their first game to Castro Valley National...BUT...they won their second game to Treeview! 
The other activity that has been taking up some of our time is that Kristina is in softball once again this year....playing for the Fremont Girls Softball Lady Hawks.  She has been playing catcher and do a really good job at it! 
And end this post...a picture of  "the boys" :):)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Boys!!

Happy 40th Birthday to me!!

See what I got for my 40th birthday present!? Front row seats to the Gaither Homecoming concert!! SO EXCITING!! If you have never is a little bit of heaven on earth. The music is AMAZING and you definitely get your monies worth. I think it was almost 4 hours long! I think I want the same present for my 41st birthday ;);)

The Gaither Vocal Band

GVB singing You are my all in all...just beautiful!!

The Isaacs

Lynda Randle

The Hoppers

The Martins - love them!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Epps Family Christmas Dinner

We had a dinner over at Charley's brothers house and it was a lot of fun. Love it when all the cousins can get together and become better acquainted!

Grandma Epps came bearing gifts!

Sunday Christmas Singing

The kids sang a couple of songs and recited Luke 2:11 on Christmas Sunday. What a treat! I love it when they get up there and sing. What a treat for us parents!!

Charley's company Christmas Party

Me and my honey....and he even won a Blue Ray player....yippee!!

Yikes! I have a pre-teen!

This year we celebrated Kristina's birthday by taking a couple of her friends..and her Fuddruckers and to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D. It was a fun time. And...her mother even won a Christmas bear from one of those claw know....the ones that you never win on!? :):)